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What do an Olympic swimmer, an Emmy award-winner and an international rugby union player have in common? They are just three examples of the kind of success stories that emerge from Strathallan School.

Set on 153 idyllic acres – including world-class facilities, a nine-hole golf course, a canoeing and angling pond, and more – the school is home to many avenues for leadership, character, and community.

Here, students from over 28 countries from ages 5 - 18 mingle with British pupils and build lasting connections in a melting pot of cultures, traditions and backgrounds.

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“We have high expectations at Strathallan and this encourages our pupils to believe in themselves, to be inquisitive, to be resilient and to show ambition both in and out of the classroom. Our pupils feel happy and valued, which gives them the confidence, enthusiasm and social awareness for life-long learning needed to succeed in a fast-changing world.”

says D M Lauder, Headmaster

Hear from the students

What sets Strathallan School apart from other schools in Scotland is the unique combination of full GCSE and A Level offerings alongside full Highers and Advanced Highers programmes. This triple pathway is designed intentionally to provide learners with the flexibility in learning that gives a diverse range of tertiary education and employment options after school.

With 24 subjects to choose from – one of the broadest curriculums available in the country – these programmes can be customised according to a student's strengths, interests, future study and career goals. Sixth Form pupils can consider the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Combining this broad offering with the many extra-curricular opportunities at Strathallan School, and young learners are suppported to become ambitious individuals set for a bright future.

For international athletes, a robust online learning system helps them to keep up with schoolwork. To facilitate this educational process, the school delivered more than 7,000 live online lessons during the national UK lockdown – a testament to the school’s commitment to providing quality education.

Most importantly, the results speak for themselves. In 2021, 67% of students achieved straight A* or A grades in their A Levels and 88% of graduates were accepted into their first choice of university.

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At Strathallan School, the learning doesn't stop when class ends. There are over 80 extra-curricular activities. Some are linked to academic departments. Some are sports. Others are purely recreational. Through comprehensive programmes in athletics, music, and the arts, passions take flight.

Co-curricular activities

Situated in rural Perthshire, the green landscape offers students a calm and scenic atmosphere that sets the tone for young learners to learn in the classrooms, play in the fields or explore the outdoors. Programmes like the Combined Cadet Force or Duke of Edinburgh Award take advantage of the natural beauty and allow outdoor enthusiasts to live out their adventurous spirits as well.

An hour’s drive away are two of Scotland’s largest capital cities: Edinburgh and Glasgow – where students can explore museums, unconquered castles or the Edinburgh Old Town. However, many come to find that on campus grounds, there’s enough that will inspire them to stay put.


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