Megan Lim

Class of 2021

Picture frame, Interior design, Living room, Table, Furniture, Plant, Comfort, Fashion, Couch, Textile

Fuelled by a strong passion for art and commitment to service, Megan Lim is changing the game. She founded the non-profit Likhang Puso (Made by the Heart), which aims to improve the quality of education of the indigenous youth of the Mangyan community in the Philippines. She organised a Charity Arts Night (CAN) ​​to raise funds for a cause by auctioning off pieces produced by Arts students as well. Currently, she is working with her former SJI International teacher to partner with Plastic Credit Exchange, an international organisation that aims to reduce plastic waste.

Such commitment to addressing global issues is thanks to SJI International’s emphasis on learning through service. “I think it all boils down to passion — passion drives my purpose as a student and as a person of service to others. The immense pressure and demands of IB have threatened my motivation several times, but I always go back to my passion for art and service, which I ultimately discovered because I came to SJI International,” recalls Lim.

“I think this is also my most significant takeaway from an SJI International education – to take my passions and use them to fuel my momentum as I pursue new projects and take on new challenges.”

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