Matthew Koh and Timothy Chee

Class of 2019, 2020

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Matthew Koh, along with a group of SJI International former and current students, started a community platform called “The BAUM Movement” to educate youths to invest sustainably so they can become “stewards of a radically changing world through the lens of finance.”

Following graduation, Koh had spent two years in National Service, before working at a crypto venture capital fund. This coming fall, he will be embarking on the next chapter of his life at Duke University. Despite finishing high school a while ago, SJI International’s strong Lasallian spirit continues to inspire him.

“Along the way, I have had the good fortune of meeting other SJI International alumni doing amazing work in both the realms of blockchain and sustainable finance and sometimes, at the confluence of both. I love the awesome vibes of our alumni community and am excited to watch the Lasallian spirit continue to thrive.”

Matthew Koh

Like Koh, Timothy Chee is part of The BAUM Movement too. Both had conceptualised the idea before recruiting others to join their team.

At SJI International, Chee was heavily involved in CCAs. He headed the editorial team for One Voice, led the debate team, and ran the investment club alongside Koh. Such passion for CCAs is reflected by Chee’s own personal interests. He takes particular interests in behavioural economics, Chinese history and politics, and sustainable finance. Currently serving in the army, Chee will begin his tertiary education at the University of Cambridge next year.

“I’ve been continually astounded by, and am extremely grateful for how connections made early on in an environment that fosters ingenuity and initiative like SJI International can take on a completely new light outside the safe and familiar confines of school.”

timothy chee

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