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Singapore American School: The campus, reimagined

Singapore American School (SAS) has a legacy of preparing thousands of students for a successful life in university and beyond. To cement their position as an education powerhouse, the school has embarked on a 400 million Singaporean dollars (≈ US$300 million) campus upgrade project that reimagines the role of classrooms and buildings in the learning journey.

The project involves a new elementary school, a new middle school, a fully renovated high school, a new welcome centre and campus square, and a new athletic complex. They will meet the highest levels of sustainability in campus design and human performance. Teachers will receive relevant professional development to support the successful transition into the new facilities and new learning environments.

All of this is the culmination of research and development that took thousands of hours of research, interviews with over 100 college admissions officers, visits to over 100 schools worldwide, consultations with industry leaders and parents, and so forth. Every minute invested was worth it. The goal? Unmatched learning opportunities for students and teachers.

SAS has partnered with world-renowned education architectural firm Fielding International to design the new campus and with local award-winning China Construction Development Co. for construction. Parents and students will see its completion in three stages; beginning on May 29, 2021 and scheduled for completion by fall 2026.

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Tom Boasberg, superintendent of SAS.

“Our greatest asset as a school is our educators. They are essential in creating engaging and meaningful learning experiences for each and every student who comes to SAS. Our campus upgrade project represents one more way we are investing in our educators. This project will create learning environments with endless possibilities for our students and educators.”

Their qualifications and character are exemplary — 82% hold master’s degrees or doctorates. The school invests heavily in professional development and regularly sends teachers across the globe to share best practices with other leading educational institutions.

The SAS journey starts in preschool, ends in high school and culminates in a life lived with compassion, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and respect. Young children evolve from curious learners to seniors who have won places at over 675 colleges and universities around the world. Along the way, they join over 40 Advanced Placement and Advanced Topic classes. They discover passions in over 250 clubs, service organisations, and after-school activities offered from K-12.

Whether in class, field or hall, every day at SAS is filled with wonder, discovery, creativity, and excitement. Experienced and enthusiastic educators make this possible.

A campus fit for SAS excellence, extraordinary care and possibilities

Education changes over time. What kids need now may be different in 10 or 20 years, so why shouldn’t learning spaces evolve with it? The project will install space-shifting, responsive and smart classrooms as well as museum-like gallery walls that you can move around; areas where student artwork can be displayed; and structures that help to create smaller spaces on the fly.
With flexibility, comes function. SAS Reimagined will capture more space for learning, play and programmes. The project is set to increase learning space by as much as 30% and play space by as much as 84%.
Built on an expansive 36-acre campus, SAS Reimagined will make full use of its space to creatively and effectively optimise land use. It will emphasise on creating community opportunities, making a big school feel small.
Sliding glass doors, moveable walls, and flexible seating options — these features will allow teachers to create and adjust spaces, customised to SAS’s distinctive brand of personalised learning, as and when they need to.
It’s never too early to start developing greener habits. SAS Reimagined’s sensitivity to natural landscapes is demonstrated by its conservation of resources and energy efficiency. The school aims to meet Net Zero energy for all new construction as well as Singapore’s Green Mark Platinum standard and the WELL standard.
Students will learn using modern and innovative systems. The school will also introduce its digital room reservation software that allows users to set their lighting, technology, and temperature preferences. Real-time data about energy and resource use will be provided by a sustainability dashboard. This promotes efficiency and will serve as a learning resource too.
Located in the Woodlands neighbourhood of Singapore, with a rain forest in their backyard, the SAS campus is already home to world-class facilities. It has 36 acres of open pathways, lush foliage, and room to explore, making it one of the largest single campus K-12 schools in the world. It boasts an indoor air-conditioned rock climbing gym. Science students have a two-acre natural rainforest as a living laboratory. The auditorium is as futuristic as the city nation it is in, with 38 microphones and over 200 speakers installed on the walls and ceilings. The lushness of sound is cathedral-like, the ensembles heard crisp and distinct; the speakers clear and echo-free — few schools or universities worldwide can boast this.

The campus upgrade project will take it into the 21st century and beyond. “SAS Reimagined” is the result of several years of planning and engagement with the school community. With collective feedback from parents, teachers, staff and students throughout the development process, six key design themes emerged. They will be emphasised in this three-phase, six-year project, where each day brings SAS closer to more empowering, and more high-quality experiences for each unique SAS Eagle.


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