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Nottingham University Business School: Where tomorrow's leaders are made

Students at Nottingham University Business School benefit from a curriculum buttressed by digital literacy, outstanding scholarship, and solid entrepreneurial development through numerous competitions and programmes with partner institutions.

Enter a world where business flows seamlessly with technology, prestige and global leadership. If you’re looking for your next big break, get a head start at this Russell Group institution, which is ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK. At Nottingham University Business School, inspiration and transformative strategies converge to birth tomorrow’s visionaries.

With increasing competitiveness in the job market, there are more reasons to future-proof your career prospects with a master’s degree in business and finance. In a highly digitised world where currency is paperless, concurrent technologies have emerged to irrevocably shift the nature of financial transactions and management.

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Start your business journey through these acclaimed programmes:

What students say

Ngoc Nguye
“Nottingham University Business School is the place where my self-discovery journey begins. The invaluable knowledge gained from the course and the wholehearted support from my lecturers remain such a source of inspiration for me to chase my dreams.”
Khaqan Khan
“When speaking to UoN alumni from my home university during the application process, I was taken by the sense of community the institute presented. The business school at the Nottingham University Business School presented the perfect combination of a rigorous curriculum as well as an international and diverse student body. Pursuing MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management as an entrepreneur in my home country (Pakistan) is going to allow me to gain the invaluable skills required to manage ventures in today’s globalised and diverse age.”
Anh Nguyen
“Challenging yet inspiring and rewarding would be the best description for my study journey through this course. The modern teaching approach involving extensive practical sessions with support from leading-edge facilities, real-world business cases and a large proportion of guest lectures from N-LAB partners truly help build up my confidence in future career prospects.”
Mugdha Patil
“ I chose to do a MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management due to the focus and structure of modules and few informal assessments. Something that stood out to me was that the modules and assessments are structured in a way that allows you to gain the necessary information and implement them in a way that enhances your learning.”

Study at the confluence of heritage and possibilities in one of the UK's most dynamic cities for education. Surrounded by lush greenery and ornate landscape settings, the Nottingham University Business School is situated at the university’s 65-acre Jubilee Campus, the only university campus to receive Civic Trust Green Flag Award winner yearly since 2003.

The Jubilee Campus is an emblem of sustainability, having been built on a former industrial site. Lakes encircle the campus grounds, cooling the buildings through storm water attenuation. A truly green campus, its roofs are insulated with low-growing alpine plants for temperature regulation, in addition to many sustainable architectural components to reduce energy consumption. The Ingenuity Lab is a nest for the region’s best entrepreneurial minds, where students and alumni across multiple disciplines spark thought-provoking business conversations for world-changing solutions.

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Nottingham University Business School welcomes you with a boundless and dynamic vision for your future.

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