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A Miss Hall’s School education takes you everywhere

In this empowering, encouraging environment, Miss Hall’s students have myriad opportunities to practise leadership and learn the skills that will help them emerge as confident global citizens who embody honour, respect, growth, and personal authenticity, the shared values of Miss Hall’s School.

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Twenty years before she was granted the right to vote, an ambitious young Latin teacher envisioned a world in which girls could receive the high-quality education they deserved. So, Mira Hall did something bold — she founded Miss Hall’s School.

Now, 125 years later, Miss Hall’s continues to live up to this promise and to its mission to inspire bold and creative contributors to the common good. Two hundred students in grades 9 to 12 come to the Berkshires from more than 20 countries to learn and live in this diverse, inclusive community. At Miss Hall’s, each student is seen and known and is encouraged to share their passions and culture with others, enriching everyone’s experience.

Hallmark Courses are a prime example of how Miss Hall’s offers students voice and choice on their academic path. These advanced, inquiry-based courses are tailored to the intellectual curiosity of students — providing challenging coursework, deep investigative study, and personalised learning. Examples include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Feminist Literature and Theory; North Korean History; Biotechnology, and Hallmark History of Art. In taking Hallmark courses, students challenge themselves and lean into sophisticated and advanced work, and work with increased independence. These courses truly prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Classroom learning at Miss Hall’s is enhanced by opportunities to learn from experts in their fields. Students have access to a robust network of alum professionals in a wide range of industries — climate activists, doctors, artists, ecologists, scientists, lawyers, and human rights advocates, to name just a few — to learn from and ask questions about what drives their work.

Most of all, learning at Miss Hall’s is grounded in the context of the real world. Students are exposed to the demands and challenges of their areas of interest, giving them a better understanding of how they can make an impact in the world. The ability to verify and validate factual information is just as important — and is a skill that’s embedded into every discipline. This ensures that, by the time they graduate, students are prepared to make the best decisions for their future.

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Academics at Miss Hall’s challenge and support the next generation of changemakers our world needs.

Foundational courses start students on their path by helping them develop study skills, habits of mind, and core competencies that are essential for success within each discipline. These courses are essential for preparing students both for their next steps at Miss Hall’s and in life. Upper-level electives and Miss Hall’s own unique Hallmark Courses provide opportunities to take intellectual risks and dive deep into areas of academic interest.

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A student’s Horizons experience evolves throughout her high school years. Ninth graders gather on campus to work on team-building, collaboration, and leadership skills. Twelfth grade students can intern with an organisation that aligns with their individual passions or complete a year-long independent project, mentored by a professional in their field. These experiences help Miss Hall’s students stand out as they apply to colleges and plan their life paths.

The comprehensive College Counselling programme at Miss Hall’s also helps students plan their futures after graduation. Multiple College Counsellors help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and chart their post-secondary experiences. Each student is assigned an individual college application writing mentor to help them in the process, too.

The result? A cohort of bright, far-reaching students who attend some of the best universities in the world. Members of the Class of 2022 went on to Princeton, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Howard University, the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University, and many more.

Every Wednesday, 100% of students participate in Horizons, either on campus in hands-on workshops and student-led projects or in internships or volunteer experiences within the community.

A unique programme that sets Miss Hall’s apart is Horizons, the school’s four-year, real-world service-learning and internship programme, now in its 28th year. Experiential by design, Horizons provides opportunities for community learning beyond the school’s 80-acre campus, at more than 75 professional offices, businesses, non-profits and arts organisations in the Berkshires.

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Life at Miss Hall’s is never dull. A full slate of activities and outings every weekend provide opportunities to socialise with students from other schools, explore the natural beauty and culture of the Berkshires, take a trip to Boston or New York, or just go shopping and to dinner with friends. Students visit scores of nearby colleges and universities for educational and social events and enjoy the great outdoors, skiing, hiking, and horseback riding. There’s always something to do!

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You will join an amazingly diverse community — 32% of Miss Hall’s students identify as Asian; 13% as Black; 38% as white; and 9% as Hispanic or Latino/a/x — where inclusion is a true strength and is integral to all aspects of student life. Cross-cultural dialogue is actively encouraged, and student organisations and Affinity Groups support important conversations and provide spaces for dialogue and understanding. Each of these initiatives helps build a sense of community and identity for students — both individually and collectively.

Set in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires, Miss Hall’s Olmsted-designed campus is big enough to explore and small enough to quickly get where everyone needs to be. Its woodland landscape includes green hills, a pond, a lake, a river, and miles of trails. Students enjoy a scenic campus designed by the same landscape architecture firm responsible for the impressive Central Park in New York City.

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From the moment you step onto the Miss Hall’s campus, you become part of an amazing community. Your Personal Team will be there to help you settle in, to support and cheer you on, and to make sure you have what you need to succeed. Your team includes peers — such as your Proctor and your Big — as well as trusted adults — your advisor, dorm parents, and coaches — who will be your most enthusiastic advocates throughout your time at Miss Hall’s.

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