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Where public health heroes are made

Where public health heroes are made

Picture a city with gorgeous sunsets, where the splendours of nature intersect with vibrant cultures — that’s Darwin. From the iconic Mindil Beach with its 150-stall market serving delightful music and food, to the waterfalls and crocodile cruises less than an hour from the CBD, Darwin is a feast for the senses.

Just a few hours away from most capital cities in South East Asia and just six hours from southern China, this is no ordinary city. Choose Darwin as the base for your journey towards public health mastery and you’re set for a grand adventure.

At Menzies School of Health Research, you’ll find a world leader in global and tropical health research into life-threatening diseases. Change starts here, with over 150 research projects and programs creating impact.

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To study here is to learn from the best. Lecturers and research supervisors are acclaimed experts in their fields. They deliver Charles Darwin University's (CDU) postgraduate public health and health research courses with depth, experience and commitment. Whether it’s the Master of Public Health or the Graduate Diploma of Public Health, you will gain the tools to investigate, critique and respond to issues such as climate change, food security, marginalised groups, management of epidemics, and biosecurity.

Menzies also offers the following postgraduate coursework programs:

Students with a passion for research can consider:

All paths lead to excellence

as the extraordinary journeys of these two Menzies scholars show:

Nadia Fadila
Master of Public Health/Master of Health Research

Born and raised in Indonesia, Nadia Fadila has always gravitated toward laboratory life — hence, her decision to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Biology). Upon graduating, she began working at a malaria research unit for the Indonesian government. “I spent a lot of my time studying more about diseases and less about humans — which made me want to apply my research findings in the field of public health.”

Having long dreamt of studying abroad and following interactions with Menzies on several malaria research projects in Indonesia, Fadila successfully applied for the Australia Awards Scholarship (offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). Today, she’s a recipient of the prestigious scholarship and is pursuing the Master of Public Health/Master of Health Research (Double Degree) qualification with Menzies at Charles Darwin University.

Fadila knew this program would perfectly complement her undergraduate qualification and accurately answer the questions she had about public health. True enough, just a semester in, she already feels as though she’s checked many queries off her list. Global Health classes are her favourite — a class that entails learning how other countries respond to public health challenges. Fadila has been able to attend guest lectures by industry experts as well, such as professionals from the Northern Territory Centre for Disease Control, who spoke on issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and malaria. Of course, coming from varying countries and academic backgrounds, her peers also bring valuable insights to classes as well, helping Fadila to consider other world views.

Fadila knows that once she graduates, these connections will come in handy as she re-enters the laboratory, fully qualified to take charge.

“I want to be positioned to make real change. With the two qualifications I will graduate with, I know I will be able to make ground-breaking discoveries as a scientist while ensuring my findings are applied to healthcare systems — both in Indonesia and around the world.”

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Samidha Khanna
Graduate Diploma of Public Health/Master of Public Health (Two Year Program)

When the pandemic hit, Samidha Khanna was not about to let travel restrictions put a stop to the international education she knew she needed. While achieving her undergraduate science degree, she developed a strong interest in food, nutrition and overall public health — all of which she was certain she could master with the right postgraduate degree. Menzies stood out for its rare ability to deliver such a comprehensive course completely online. “Furthermore, the thought of eventually going to Darwin was very exciting,” she says.

Today, she’s in Darwin — and thriving. Khanna enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Public Health + Master of Public Health, a program that can be completed in just two years. Subjects within it were designed to equip learners with the tools to investigate, critique and respond to real-world population health problems in local and global contexts.

Khanna’s favourite classes are the program’s most interactive — specifically those in Epidemiology and, Research, Ethics and Impact. As an alternative to taking on a research project, she decided to broaden her horizons by following the public health practitioner track, taking on four more coursework units instead. One of the units was Health Promotion, which taught Khanna the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of illness or disease.  

While studying, Khanna is currently working as a health support assistant at Territory Care and Support Services, providing care, support and respite services for people with disabilities who wish to live independently. Khanna feels that she would not have had the confidence to do this work, if not for what she learned in her first year of her Menzies program.

With guidance from the Menzies Education Team, Khanna will soon determine how she will continue applying knowledge in the Australian public health sector once she graduates.

“It has helped me apply knowledge. I now know how to carry myself within the industry, understand procedures, and place equal emphasis on mental health.”

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Vibrancy beyond campus

For students who choose Menzies, life outside the classroom is equally enriching. Northern Territory's capital city, Darwin, has a lot to offer international students. The city is surrounded by some of Australia’s most expansive parks and lush rainforests. This, alongside the city’s reputation for year-round warmth, often turns homebodies into proud explorers.

Fadila’s favourite thing about Darwin is its legendary sunsets. “It’s also perfect for star gazing,” she says. “The city’s natural wonders make it the perfect place for relaxation. When we have more time to unwind, it’s often easier to focus on our studies.”

“The people are just as warm,” says Khanna. “My friends and I love walking around town — everything is two or three minutes away — and discovering new cuisines at busy cafes and restaurants. Apart from that, we work out, go for night walks, and chat by the beach.”

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An enriching education awaits at
Menzies School of Health Research

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