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To truly make a difference in the world, join the field of medicine. To learn how, look no further than Masaryk University — one of the world’s most prestigious and respected higher education institutions in Central Europe. It is renowned for offering quality degree programmes to approximately 35,000 students — 7,000 of which are international — at an affordable cost.

A good number of these students can be found within its Faculty of Medicine, which has gained an excellent, global reputation for delivering English-taught degree programmes in General Medicine and Dentistry — both are recognised and well-received in the EU, US and most other countries. Regular surveys indicate that 98% of Masaryk University graduates find employment in their field.

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Meet the students

I chose to study at Masaryk University because of its excellent general medicine programme as well as its brand-new, modern campus and simulation centre. During the first years of my studies, I was able to study everything about the pre-clinical basics of medicine and now, during the clinical years, I have the opportunity to get hands-on experience on a daily basis in the university hospitals of Brno. The professors have amazingly diverse backgrounds and are highly motivated to teach us everything about their fields and additionally, offer us various shadowing opportunities during our studies.

Sina Skandera

Masaryk University has given me the opportunity to finally follow my goal of becoming a knowledgeable dentist. The international environment and the new equipment of our simulation centre are some of the reasons why I chose to pursue my career here. The early introduction into the clinic and dealing with real patients from the third semester onwards is a great benefit in order to prepare you for your future responsibilities. Brno as a city is a very vibrant, student-friendly place with lots of options for sports and outdoor activities and the huge support within our student organisation with new friends from all over the world make it even more amazing.

Juliette Pardon

I chose to study here at Masaryk University due to its increasing position within the world university ranking tables, as well as the reputation for creating resilient and hard-working doctors. The fast pace of the university has prepared me for busy ward rounds both in the Czech Republic and back home in Norway. During my clinical years, I have benefited from the new SIMU centre, one of the newest simulation centres in Europe. The international programme has allowed me to make new friends and future colleagues which will allow me to collaborate with other doctors in a more connected and globalised world.

Eirik Karlsen

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When in 2017 I decided it was time for me to start my journey to become a dentist, I chose to accomplish this goal by starting at Masaryk University after advice from a then-current medical student and seeing the modern and new campus and later brand-new simulation centre in a student-friendly city.

Fast forward to today, I can say that I have no regret for my decision to join Masaryk University, where I gained great theoretical and practical knowledge in dentistry and general medicine to become an exceptional practitioner in the field of dentistry. Throughout my five  years of studies, I have experienced a great number of memories and met friends for life which I will cherish forever.   

Dr. Alan Ostadi

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As an American studying in Brno, I was sceptical of how my studies would be at Masaryk University. The experience overall taught me a great deal about how to survive in unfamiliar environments, excel in communication with doctors for oral examinations, and make big memories out of the little moments. The biggest lesson I learned was that, despite all of our efforts, sometimes things are just out of our control and it is best to keep a level head and look forward.

Dr. Ali Siddiqui

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I graduated in 2011 from Masaryk University and it was a truly memorable and exciting time of my life. The culturally diverse and accommodating city makes you feel at home and prepares you in a good shape both mentally and physically for the medical course. There are many courses that will excite you. I can name a few, including pharmacology, internal medicine and pathophysiology. In this university, there are many opportunities for practical training and hospital exposure, preparing a student well for their medical careers when they graduate. Anyone will love this city and it will love you.

Dr. Arjun Bhusan Keshri

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I chose Masaryk University for General Medicine for many reasons, but the main ones were the modern landscape of the campus, as well as the connectivity of the city to neighboring countries. I was also inclined to choose Masaryk because of the recognition of the degree in the UK, where I want to do my future specialization. The university provides students with state of the art facilities, especially with its brand new simulation center. Masaryk helped me become a more independent and hard working individual, and it also broadened my theoretical knowledge. The anatomy lab is where it all begun, the excitement, the anxiety, the pressure, all of it and will remain one of my most memorable classes at Masaryk.

Dr. Jesika Agarwala

Hear from the graduates

Hear from the graduates

Practical learning at its finest

There is an emergency room with an outdoor simulation area and a fully-equipped emergency vehicle, operation theatres, a delivery room, intensive care units and standard rooms – just like a real hospital. Not only can you practice medical procedures at SIMU, it also offers an array of teaching techniques for theoretical courses such as virtual 3D simulations.

And don’t forget about the two faculty hospitals, one of which is right at the campus, making studying at the Faculty of Medicine a compact experience. Our highly-trained teachers, who are experts in their fields, guide our students during practical lessons into becoming a practically-skilled doctors.

Few universities can offer on-campus real hospital experiences the way Masaryk University can. It’s most advanced Simulation Centre in Central Europe and is equipped like a real hospital, so that the students can practice aspects of real medicine without consequence – SIMU is a place where it is not a sin to make a mistake, as long as it can be learned from.

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An enriching journey to medical excellence begins at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University.

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