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Industrial Engineering

Pooyan Mobtahej

Doctoral student Pooyan Mobtahej’s story exemplifies LU’s commitment to hands-on training. So far, he’s worked on several industry-sponsored projects in system reliability. Flexible coursework makes this possible.

“I have had the opportunity to take courses in data science, software development and statistics,” he explains. “Some of my favourite courses include reliability, database design, data mining, user interface design, machine learning, and python programming. Each course taught me a different skill required to implement reliability models. The Industrial Engineering curriculum is unique due to the emphasis on software implementation of the ideas discussed in the classroom.”

Mobtahej’s current research project is being supervised by Dr. Maryam Hamidi. With expert advice, he is currently finding anomalies for predictive maintenance in gas compressor systems by employing deep learning techniques. So far, he has published several papers.

This summer, he will take on a paid internship, where he will work towards understanding how deep learning can be used to detect medical conditions. “My lab mates and I are more than ready for these roles due to coursework that emphasises software skills and applied research projects,” he says.

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