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How Global Executive MBA graduates are trained for success

A strong focus on ESG is at the heart of this, grounding executives in the key considerations shaping business practices now and in the future. Another is the promise to support every professional in their goals, from offering tailored mentoring services to creating school-wide campaigns to elevate female-led initiatives and next-level, leadership-focused career resources.

The result? A broad cohort of senior decision-makers who create a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, companies and society.

Above all, the Global Executive MBA holds true to IESE’s mission statement — to develop leaders with integrity, professional excellence and spirit of service.

Six cities and four continents in 16 months — the Global Executive MBA is a blended learning programme that transforms executives [PN2] with 15+ years of managerial experience into versatile, confident future leaders. [PN3] Students learn from world-class faculty across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Activities take place digitally or face-to-face on campus (15 weeks in total) and at company sites. Through workshops, simulations, games, role-play, discussions of real-life business cases, a host of expert guest speakers and a unique In Company Project – theory, practice and on-the-ground experience merge seamlessly to help you on your journey to become a worldly changemaker.

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The future of work is international. With this comes a need to adapt to foreign environments, adjust to new dialects and assimilate with different cultures. Not many programmes offer the chance to traverse across the world as part of their criteria — a critical gap in an increasingly globalised workforce. For business professionals meeting international partners on a regular basis, this is all the more important.

Enter the IESE Business School. Consistently ranked among the world’s best business schools and number one for ESG-focused teaching, IESE is committed to delivering forward-thinking, dynamic programmes for executives from a variety of backgrounds looking to take their careers to the next level. Leading this is the exciting IESE Global Executive MBA — ranked among the world’s top 10 by the Financial Times.

“The programme led me to a new career path even before I graduated. Early in the programme, the entrepreneurship modules and support from classmates and faculty helped me launch my own VC firm, which currently has six portfolio investments,” says Wouter Born, graduate and founder of Born Capital.

No one day at IESE is the same — a testament to the differing perspectives, approaches and ideas of a multinational faculty and professional community. Discussions and debates with world-class tech leaders, future innovators and leading thinkers within their field are often and many. This pool of talent is a critical factor in considering challenges from a global perspective, and in making senior-level decisions that appraise the nuances of different cultures and markets.

All the while, the Global Executive MBA never once loses sight of the bigger picture — making for a programme that centres around what matters to the future of work. A focus on empowering professionals to build a more sustainable future for the planet is a major aspect of this. The other is a commitment to harness the knowledge, insights and experiences of executives through support and resources take their leadership to the next level.

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IESE stands out for its global presence, with five international campuses and 16 associated schools. The Global Executive MBA puts executives at the forefront of this. Six core modules and two electives comprise of essential courses in global business, covering topics such as leadership principles, financial accounting, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and digital transformation. Each is taught over an eight-week block in leading business hubs across the world, including Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo.

One programme, countless experiences

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In an increasingly competitive world, relevant and exceptional experience makes an individual stand out. IESE ensures every executive [PN4] and senior decision-maker is given this edge by undertaking an in-company project in the final four months of the Global Executive MBA.

Here, executives put theory into practice by working on a strategic challenge within a real high-profile company. They collaborate in teams, identify a specific issue and develop a practical plan to tackle it – taking a real challenge and coming up with real solutions. Throughout the project, they receive guidance from experts at the company, as well as senior executives and faculty — forming invaluable connections along the way.

Make an impact in the real world

Of course, core and elective modules cover these scenarios, as well. “One does not learn to make better decisions by simply deciding many times, but by enriching the quality of your judgement,” says IESE professor Edu Calvo. “The case method is placing a participant at the centre of a decision where there is a set of partial, incomplete or perhaps inaccurate information. We really want you to empathise with the decision-maker — put yourself in their shoes and think, what would I [PN5] do?”

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Combined, it’s the ideal starting point to bring innovative ideas and initiatives to life. “The value of an entrepreneurial mindset is transmitted through all our programmes and activities,” explains professor Julia Prats, Academic Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre. This has great results: companies founded by the IESE community have produced 72,000 jobs worldwide and raised US$11.8 billion in capital.

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IESE’s Global Executive MBA brings together highly accomplished and motivated managers from all four corners of the globe. It offers the best support group possible for a mid-career growth pivot!

Tatyana Popova, UK, Class of 2021

Director at Barclays

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I left IESE’s Global Executive MBA with a broader mindset, deeper knowledge and a bigger heart thanks to the case discussions, country visits and conversations with people from all over the world. I’m much more aware of my cognitive biases and how they can influence people’s decision-making.

Jennifer Chung, US, Class of 2021

Counsel at New Business Incubation, Verizon

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Real values are not writings on the wall or content on corporate websites; you must feel them. From my very first minute at IESE, the school’s values were apparent in every single interaction.

Paulo Tabarelli, Brazil, Class of 2021
Head of Finance and International Controller at Europe, Africa and Americas, BRF Brazil

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Hear from the executives

Upon graduation, they join a diverse alumni community of more than 54,000 professionals [PN6] living and working in over 100 countries. They span across 108 nationalities, meet over 68 annual e-conferences and join over 230 continuous learning sessions every year. Regardless of the path you choose, an IESE graduate will always be in easy reach — ready to give advice and encouragement at every turn.

The IESE Global Executive MBA is led by the executive — but that does not mean they do not receive guidance. Through this programme, they are equipped with the skills, tools, insights and knowledge to accelerate their careers. Along the way, they receive expert advice and insight to help them achieve their individual career goals.

Coaching makes this possible. Executives develop new competencies, adopt new behaviours and create long-term action plans to execute their vision. Specific courses help boost their leadership potential and problem-solving skills. Then there are the various career services, networking events and online resources — all designed to elevate professionals to achieve international success.

Take charge of your career

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