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Jens Joachim Marga


Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)

2019 - 2020

Looking to build on his undergraduate exposure to artificial intelligence (AI), he decided to pursue a PhD –– of course, at the school he knew and loved. Several faculties ran to his assistance, providing information on research, proposals, the application process and everything else he needed to know to be successful.

Their efforts paid off. Today, Jens is a PhD in AI student who has support for his projects and rubs shoulders with some of the best researchers in his field. “We often have interactions and chances to talk to leading researchers in our field,” he explains. With a generous scholarship from the school for him to continue pursuing PhD study, he’s been able to focus on his programme wholeheartedly during the day before winding down in a comfortable home at the end of it –– much like he did during his master’s degree.

Jens Joachim Marga first arrived at HKBU as an undergraduate exchange student from Germany. Already intrigued by the vibrant lifestyle in Hong Kong, he was convinced to join the School of Business of HKBU again after he was awarded financial aid by the school.

In his first semester as a student in the MScBM programme, he was deep-diving into strategy, which focused on forming businesses through in-depth thinking and unconventional methods. In his second semester, Jens explored bringing these businesses to life through lessons in entrepreneurship. The knowledge he gained was certainly enough to launch a lucrative career –– however, Jens was inspired to go further.

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