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Students at Hills International College fulfill their greatest potential

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Visit Hills International College on any given day, and you’ll find happy, healthy and fulfilled children. Four days a week, you’ll see accredited handlers with trained therapy dogs, one of the few schools in Australia with such privilege. There are teachers working closely with counsellors and year coordinators to create a safe and supportive community. After classes, students take part in basketball, netball, golf and volleyball — in 2023, there will be a volleyball programme run by nationally and internationally recognised coaching staff and purpose-built facilities.

Wellbeing and sports are big at Hills. This is where a Head of Wellbeing, Year Level Coordinators and an active team of wellbeing staff, including a full-time counsellor and Head of International Programmes, help children develop key traits to thrive. These include resilience, independence, honesty, empathy, mindfulness, positive self-talk, curiosity, and courage.

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A robust sports programme further encourages skills such as friendship building, self-expression, fine and gross motor skills, and community service. Nationally and internationally recognised coaches guide students into state and national champions. They use their vast experience and quality facilities to prepare these athletes to become potential international champions and Olympians. The school offers NCAA/NAIA scholarship pathways and the Hills Golf Academy sends students to the US on scholarships as well.

It’s a whole-person education that empowers students to reach for the stars. “I always considered myself an average student and golf athlete, but at Hills, with the support of extremely dedicated teachers and coaches, they helped me realise my highest potential,” says graduate Cheryl Lo.

“I was able to excel in my studies, had great exposure to my sport, and developed leadership skills by having the opportunity of being elected as College captain. Upon graduation, I won the Caltex All-Rounder Award, which set me up to be awarded a full athletic scholarship at Florida International University. I am forever grateful for my time at Hills.”

Unique benefits of boarding

There are numerous advantages to boarding at Hills. Students develop life-long bonds with each other, learning and growing in a diverse and culturally rich environment. Staff work closely with children to develop their personal integrity and diligence. The exceptional facilities for both male and female students feature motel-style accommodation with two four-person rooms that include a shared entrance/kitchenette space. Students enjoy the gym, golf driving range, courts and common areas. 

For 14-year-old Malaysian student Rosalie, the excellent boarding facilities and seemingly endless assistance from the faculty made her experience absolutely seamless. “The support offered by the dorm masters, teachers and support given by fellow students was second to none,” she says. “They accepted me for who I am and showed empathy towards the transition of me moving from the big city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia.”

Rosalie makes a special note for the cleaners in the boarding facility, who made her experience all the more pleasant. “I personally would also like to thank the Hills International College teachers and management who understood the specific religious requirements that I had for both dietary and also prayer commitments during my time at Hills,” she says.

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