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Reach your greatest potential at Hebron Academy


Reach your greatest potential at Hebron Academy


Today, Hebron Academy continues to embody the spirit of integrity and inclusivity of its forefathers. It’s expanded to a 1,500-acre boarding campus that provides an unparalleled learning experience for a close-knit community of 250 students from grade six to their postgraduate years. They come from over 20 countries and 15 states across the US, learning to respect and celebrate their diversity.

Guiding this is Hebron Academy’s comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, which paves the way for students to become effective communicators, adaptable learners, responsible citizens, and confident, capable leaders. They develop their mind, body, heart, and voice in every aspect of their education — making for a community with intellect, compassion, and ambition.

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In the early 1800s, a group of Revolutionary War veterans settled in Maine, hoping to create a home for themselves after ending their service. Above all, they wanted to create a better environment for their children — one where they could learn about the world around them in a safe, peaceful community.

The result was Hebron Academy. Chartered in 1804 and opening to students in 1805, it began as a humble educational institution that promised an inclusive environment for all. Girls and boys explored a variety of subjects together, from literature to the sciences. Children as young as 10 years old learned on campus alongside war veterans older than the typical student age. Its reputation attracted learners not only from neighboring towns, but also from the wider expanse of Maine, New England states and, eventually, other countries.

Middle school students are grounded in a curriculum that focuses on core skills with exposure to various experiential learning opportunities. Upper School follows an education model that prioritizes student-centered learning and teaching. Integrated into this is a range of signature programs which serve to complement their traditional academic learning.

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An enriching academic journey

Hebron Academy’s academic curriculum is designed to be balanced. It is guided by the principles of a liberal arts curriculum, offering breadth and a wealth of opportunities. These go beyond just developing knowledge. Students work on their physical, social, and emotional health too — helping them better understand themselves and what they want to accomplish in life.

��I came to Hebron thinking I wanted to be an engineer, and all the different science classes that Hebron offers have only solidified this,” shares a student. “I’ve never known more about what I want to do in college than I do now.”

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Engineering, Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EDIE)

The Engineering, Design, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (EDIE) pathway lets aspiring engineers engage in courses informed by real-world circumstances, prompting them to step into the role of an engineer from the get-go. They are trained to adopt a problem-solving mindset and ethical reasoning through exciting courses and hands-on learning opportunities.

In a world grappling with the climate crisis, it’s essential for children to become tomorrow’s stewards of the natural world and to have the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and comfortable backcountry travel. The Outdoor Education program is designed to achieve both.

Here, students can explore a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Outside of classes, they participate in trail running, hiking, cross-country skiing, and more. Along the way, they become fitter, develop leadership skills, teamwork, and self-reliance, as well as build resilience, which helps them overcome and thrive in challenging situations.

The Outdoor Education Program

As part of a global network of over 200 innovative schools in 50 countries, Hebron Academy is inherently aware of the strong connection between character education and academic success. It’s taking this one step further with Round Square, a student committee that regularly participates in regional and international conferences and service learning trips with other communities.

Round Square is completely student-led — and is dedicated to improving life on campus and in its surrounding community. From arranging an annual food bank drive to volunteering and service opportunities for the community, Round Square works to raise awareness around local and global issues. They hope to become a positive change in the world — in school and beyond.

Round Square

Students learn how to give formal persuasive speeches, take part in mock college interviews, and how to structure their Last Words once they’re set to graduate. This opens up plenty of other opportunities to use their voices around campus: as team captains, club presidents, student proctors, and more.

There is no shortage of programs that prepare and inspire Hebron students to become tomorrow’s global citizens and changemakers. For example, the Words Program integrates public speaking and interpersonal communication into the classroom environment, regardless of whether they’re in a math or English class.

The Words Program

Hear from the students

“At Hebron, everyone knows me. I feel very welcome. I feel like I’m part of it. Hebron is an open community that welcomes everyone. It is pretty fascinating with all the diversity in the community.”

Vietnam, Class of ‘24

Long Thien “Jack” Ngo

“Hebron Academy encourages me to get outside of my comfort zone while being in a safe space and community. My favorite experience here so far is when I went on an overnight canoeing and camping trip. Memories and friends I have made here will always be a big part of my life!”

Japan, Class of ‘24

Kate Hashiya

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“I love Hebron because it feels like my second home. Being at Hebron has helped me make many new friendships that will last a lifetime. Both faculty and students have pushed me to strive for success and have helped shape me into the person I am today.”

Canada, Class of ‘23

Sofia Gualtieri

“Hebron has been a home to me for two years, and during those two years, I have enjoyed all of it. My favorite thing to do at Hebron is skiing; every Wednesday and weekend I get to go to the Sunday River mountain where I get to ski. I love sports, and on the Hebron campus, I get to go to the Williams Center, where I can play anything from soccer to basketball to volleyball.”

Poland, Class of ‘23

Jakub Diakonowicz


Student-centered, strengths-based, and grounded in relationships, the staff here merge academic principles and social-emotional learning competencies — ensuring every student becomes stronger, more independent and more aware of their strengths and challenges.

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All students deserve a robust, reliable support system to help direct them through the trials and tribulations of academic life. That’s exactly what the Academic Guidance Center is for. This is where students meet with expert specialists up to four times per week for one-on-one meetings. They sharpen their academic skills and strategies and improve their self-awareness in approaching their classes. Neurodivergent students are given further support, working closely with the center’s specialists to harness strategies to empower their learning process.

Giving students the tools they need for success

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