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MBA in Health Service Management

Parry Siu Wing Ma

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Parry Ma had over 18 years of experience in the medical services and pharmaceutical industries before realising he was ready for more. The CEO and executive director wished to better understand the medical professionals he worked with. Most importantly, he wished to comprehend real, relevant business practices used across the globe.

An urge for unwavering support encouraged him to explore Federation University Australia’s MBA in Health Service Management. “I was told Australian professors and lecturers are always kind to help with prompt replies,” he said. “I realised this was true when I met Dr Mimmie Watts, Associate Professor at Federation University Australia. She taught me to study again after almost two decades as a professional.”

Immersed as an online student, Ma began relishing topics he never once deemed crucial to his development, such as those in business, society, and the planet.

Today, Ma is an executive director in a HealthTech start-up. Ma is also the general manager of a telemedicine company. He actively applies knowledge gained from virtual classes directly to the office, where he leads his team through difficult decisions. Today, they are working to digitise their operation in a post-COVID world.

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 “The course content broadened my horizons to look into how sustainable businesses can better society and our planet. My perspectives changed 180 degrees.”
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