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Muskandeep Kaur

Bachelor of Nursing

At the tender age of 10, when her brother was admitted to the ICU, a helpless Muskandeep Kaur from Punjab, India realised her calling to be a nurse. The older she got, it became clearer that higher education in Australia was her best option.

“The passion for helping those in need has always been a driving force in my life and where better to study than Federation University Australia? This is a highly regarded institution that embodies the kind, caring and compassionate spirit of regional Victoria,” she explains.

New beginnings were easy thanks to FedReady — a programme designed to help international students grasp the basics of academic writing, assessments, critical thinking and reasoning as they immerse themselves into an Australian style education. Kaur not only broadened her own learning skills, but she also later became a mentor herself. As a student mentor, she was able to enhance these skills — all of which proved crucial to excelling during her industry experience and clinical placement opportunities.

Thanks to these experiential opportunities, Kaur was able to achieve stellar grades. She was even offered a position with Monash Health’s Emergency Department — Victoria’s largest healthcare provider. Awaiting commencement, she is currently working on a research project with some of her favourite Federation University Australia professors.

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 “Every semester, I went on a clinical placement in a specific clinical area which helped me understand and appreciate the scope of nursing. I also learned a wide array of clinical skills. My clinical placement educators were extremely helpful and supportive. My peers and I were provided detailed explanations of expectations at placements, assessment criteria, and more.”

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