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Associate Professor Mimmie Claudine Watts PhD

Dr Watts is the Inaugural Director, Industry Cooperation, for the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Federation University Australia. She also leads the Master of Health Leadership and Health Services Management courses within the Master of Business Administration (Health Services Management) programmes.

Teaching cross-disciplinary means a rich pool of interdisciplinary talent. To cater to every aspiration, Dr Watts draws on blended teaching and learning approaches. Embracing modern technologies for online teaching and learning is the present and the future.

“As educators we have a responsibility to impart knowledge that is holistic in nature,” she says. For example, for new course development she immerses herself in informal gatherings with community, to further understand pressing issues on a deeper level from those she intends to serve, with knowledge gained at university.

Dr Watts appreciates Federation University Australia’s dedication to quality education, but also its commitment to inclusion, empowerment, innovation, community, and diversity. Such an approach has attracted a rich and diverse student body and staff that represents all ages, genders, professional backgrounds, religious beliefs and more. “This diversity enriches our regional university community as a whole,” she says.

In various spaces across campus, students deep dive into their passions. Student nurses work with modern life-like mannequins. Budding researchers and scientists spend experiential time in state-of-the-art laboratories. Federation University Australia does industry experience well. Students’ performance upon graduation indicates their level of readiness to take on industry and other career-oriented opportunities.

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“I want to hear their voices and deliver that through my courses. Industry-focused, problem-solving based learning approaches guide how we teach, learn and assess. Assessments are contextual and remain an essential element of the education process. This ensures graduates are qualified to practise effectively.”explains Dr Watts.
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