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Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Aziz Rahman

Dr Rahman coordinates Federation University Australia’s Master of Public Health (MPH). Every lesson he conducts draws insights from his several years of global experience as a public health physician and researcher. His efforts revolve around nurturing individuals from multidisciplinary backgrounds who can share and leverage their knowledge to think differently about any public health issue before innovating ways to resolve them.

Hence, its ability to offer robust postgraduate programmes. Dr Rahman regards the MPH as an ideal pick for those keen on understanding the basics of public health before embarking on a professional journey to mastery.

To prepare his students for these roles, Dr Rahman links theoretical concepts with practical research examples from Australia and international settings. When students begin their second year of a MPH, they conduct their own research under the supervision of experienced educators within the Institute — most of whom are experienced public health professionals themselves.

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“Supporting our students to achieve success in their studies and in life is something we are proud of. This is why Federation University Australia is not only ranked among the top 250 young universities in the world by Times Higher Education, but we are also highly-ranked in Australia too.”
“There are multiple career options available in Australia and beyond, including working within the public and private sectors, development agencies and universities, as a researcher, policy officer, health promotion officer, or as an academic.”
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