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At EU Business School, future decision-makers are getting ready to thrive in the global business arena. They’re taking part in real-world business challenges, attending lectures by key industry figures, visiting companies, going on field trips, analyzing case studies and joining internships. Learning by doing in a diverse range of settings, these students quickly evolve into graduates who are highly sought-after by businesses. 

Writing their success story in Switzerland comes with many benefits. In Geneva, Europe’s financial and diplomatic capital, there’s an extraordinary concentration of international organizations, financial institutions and multinational companies. There are plenty of opportunities to land fulfilling and well-paying roles in the city, which is conveniently connected to Europe’s key business hubs. Many EU Business School graduates embrace such chances, carving an enviable career and a new life in one of the most liveable cities in the world.


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Transformative Business Programs at EU Business School

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a comprehensive degree preparing students for diverse business functions, making them valuable assets to any organization. This program cultivates global business acumen, covering international negotiation, cultures, languages, and the complexities of multinational organisations, including hierarchies, social frameworks and administrative challenges. Students obtain a practical working background as well, which prepares them for immediate entry into a management position.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The program merges international relations with practical business know-how. With national boundaries blurred, corporations are operating in a more complex landscape. This specialization prepares students to work in this new setting by arming them with a solid knowledge of the global economic environment, highlighting politics, cross-cultural values and ethics as key components.

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Creating value for stakeholders is as rewarding as it is challenging. This specialization teaches students to make decisions considering financial risk and opportunity, anticipate client needs, and efficiently manage resources while balancing risk and profitability. Students gain a clear understanding of financial instruments and institutions, fostering sound business ethics and a global finance perspective.

Bachelor of Science in Business Finance

The MBA in Digital Business, is designed to meet the demands of today's fast paced digital era. This dynamic program equips you with the essential skills to excel in online business, with an explicit focus on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, graduates are prepared to launch their own ventures, contribute to established companies, or pioneer innovative approaches to online business, ensuring they are at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry.

MBA in Digital Business

Professionals seeking to understand and decipher shifts in regulations and ethical thinking will benefit from this program. It explores challenging technical theory and a wide range of topics, including asset pricing, portfolio management, derivative securities and blockchain fundamentals. Graduates stand out for their ability to apply and critically evaluate corporate finance techniques. They do so by employing sound analytics, blending sophisticated modelling techniques with a global perspective in the management of corporate risk, among many other skills.

Master in Finance

This program delves into innovation, new venture creation and the conditions that nurture effective entrepreneurship. Emphasizing creative thinking and executive skills development, the program allows students to explore entrepreneurial challenges, solutions and the evaluation and conceptualization of business models. During Business Immersion Week, students take part in company visits, escape rooms, managerial problem-solving games and more.

Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Influential for centuries, the fashion and luxury industry merges business management with consumer perceptions of luxury goods, highlighting design and creativity. This program prepares students to project a brand, covering advertising strategy, communication skills and innovative thinking for effective brand management and positioning. Students also investigate the impact of fashion and luxury on sustainability, while learning about brand value from the points of view of the fashion designer and artist.

Master in Fashion and Luxury Business

The MBA in International Business provides the know-how to navigate a world where geographical borders are disappearing, and the concept of the workplace is becoming more flexible. In one year, students will curate a varied skill set that will make them adaptable to the diversity and international nature of the global business market.

MBA in International Business

This program covers advanced concepts that relate to the financial organization, operations and problems of the economy at large, while stressing issues of financial management in business firms and financial institutions. Students will gain a comprehensive vision of the ways in which business works, developing strategies to react to change as well as how to carry out marketing campaigns for different local and global sectors. Along the way, they’ll sharpen their problem-solving, analytical and evaluation skills.

MBA in Global Banking & Finance

An impactful education awaits at EU Business School.

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