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LLM ‘23

German Pinzon

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German Pinzon, 30, was drawn to Emory Law for its global approach to learning. “The programme of study I chose suits my interests as an international student, in which I see some of the most relevant subjects that many lawyers study in the US,” he shares.

It was a decision he has not regretted since. Classes at Emory Law have been invigorating, taught by faculty members who are leaders in their field.

“My professors explain the topics very well and have mastery over each of the elements that make those subjects important for law students,” he says. “More than that, they are very much interested in students learning the content of their subjects. For example, every time I have doubts, I consult one of them and they are very kind in explaining and providing solutions for the subjects that are difficult to learn.”

Life outside the classroom is just as enriching. Pinzon has joined a range of study groups and legal study associations formed by students. Together, they share their learning experiences and optimal study tips. All the while, they have access to a city that supports student learning with an abundance of libraries, museums and events right at their doorstep.

The best takeaway for Pinzon, however, is the skills he’s gained from an education at a highly respected law school. “I have learned how to argue reasonably and logically, write effectively and analyse complex texts,” he says. Moving forward, he hopes to carry these skills forward to business and entrepreneurial communities.

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