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LLM ‘23

Brian Marienga

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Kenyan-born Brian Marienga is setting the standard for ambitious, far-reaching lawyers in his community. He’s the first and only lawyer in his family, a professional path sparked from observing how domestic lawyers interacted with his parents growing up. “I grew curious about how they got business deals done and the process of acquisition of properties,” he says. “I wanted to learn this, and I could only do so in law school.”

Determined, Marienga structured his high school experience around this. Upon graduation, he pursued his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in law at local universities. All the while, he had his sights set on Emory Law, having heard much about its reputation for academic excellence and a community that celebrates diversity. Earning a merit-based scholarship soon helped make his dream of studying at this top law school a reality.

Ultimately, Marienga — who’s interested in real estate law — was drawn to the LLM programme at Emory Law for its focus on research-led learning. At the same time, he is free to explore other areas of focus that capture his interest. “I enjoy all classes, but my favourites are Introduction to the American Legal System and American Legal Writing and Research,” he says. “Everything I have learned in these classes is new. It’s a wonderful experience.”

Another advantage of being a student at Emory Law, according to Marienga, is its location in Atlanta — a prime spot to network. “We have visited Selma & Montgomery to learn about the history of voting rights,” he says. “We have also been having regular court visits around Atlanta. I have taken part in a couple of mock trials held in school to sharpen my litigation skills and will participate in some pro-bono activities planned for the future. I am looking forward to these opportunities.”

It’s been a positive experience that has given him much confidence in his future prospects. “I am sure that by the time I graduate, Emory will have matured me to the point where I can stand on my own and carry its flag high,” he shares. “I am confident that my education at Emory will help me stand out anywhere in the world.”

Dress shirt, Tie, Collar
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