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Taking business education to the next level

Founded as Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland, the world’s first-ever hotel school has come a long way since its inception in 1893. This year, for the fifth year in a row, it ranked first among hospitality management universities across the globe, according to the QS World University Rankings. 

The ranking is proof of what all EHL graduates already know — i.e. that their EHL education is more than just a means to a degree. It’s an extraordinary journey that blends the best of many worlds: pioneering Swiss hospitality education, Swiss values of academic rigour, industry practice, innovation, and creativity.

The Bachelor in International Hospitality Management is a great example of how all these features come together to transform students into successful managers. 

Florian Papay

Florian Papay had an action-packed, mind-expanding preparatory year. During the first six months, he was taking part in on-campus workshops, gaining insights into the intricacies of hotel operations. “This was followed by a six-month internship,” he says. “I did mine in Dubai — the SLS Hotel’s F&B department, to be exact. There, I got to do a bit of everything, which I was prepared for, thanks to EHL.”

In his second year, Papay completed modules in Finance, Economics and F&B Cost Control — which led him to decide to intern at Fairmont Monte Carlo’s finance department this summer. 

Now in his third year, Papay is finding joy in subjects like financial analysis, computational thinking, managerial accounting, service operation, and revenue management. He’s confident these will help him grow — as a person and a professional — even more. “I’m definitely not the same person I was when I started my studies,” he says.

As an ambassador for Accor Group, Papay represents the world-leading hotel group in hospitality on campus and organises events for the brand. Connections made during his internship in Dubai made these opportunities possible.

Papay is part of campus committees as well, including those dedicated to student job opportunities, overseeing finances for the golf committee and presiding over a student-led consulting company. “Working with these committees and brands outside of EHL, serving as a Gold Ambassador for the school — it’s all been amazing,” he says. “Currently, I am looking for my third internship, and I cannot wait to see where it will take me.”

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“I basically got to apply all the knowledge I gained during my second year at EHL,” he says. “Of course, I learned a lot on the job, but the foundation I arrived with was still substantial.”

Nina Supery

Raised in France and the US, Nina Supery chose EHL for several reasons. She sought a programme with exposure and experiences beyond the conventional. She wanted to be surrounded by many cultures, with English widely spoken. Her degree had to be hands-on too. “Through research, I realised the advantages of studying hospitality management, even if you have plans to work in another industry,” she says.

So far, Real Estate Finance, with its mathematical focus, has intrigued Supery, while classes like Leadership and Organisational Behaviour have provided immersive learning through simulations. She’s joined two internships, the most recent was with Design Hotels HQ in Berlin.

Beyond academics, Supery is active in various campus committees and events. When given the chance to become a Gold Student Ambassador, she seized it. In this role, she gets to share her experiences and play a role in fostering a sense of openness and initiative.

As Supery approaches her final semester, she cannot wait to see how her EHL journey will further evolve.

“Throughout the last three years, these shifts have allowed me to see how the school is preparing us for our future professional careers,” she says. Unlike other semesters, this one has fewer classes and requires more group work, and thus more independence, responsibility and initiative on behalf of all team members – qualities that will undoubtedly be required of us in the future.”

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Laurianne Pache

Laurianne Pache moved from the charming Swiss town of Fribourg to EHL driven by her passion for the luxury industry, specifically watch retail. “It was the only school to offer a curriculum that combines management and hospitality, which represents the human aspect of any business,” she says. 

Today, in her final semester, Pache looks back on her journey as one that readied her for dynamic careers in hospitality and luxury management. She’s come a long way since day one. Initially daunted by finance classes, her scepticism quickly transformed into enthusiasm, and she now excels in statistics and financial analysis. “What EHL understands and provides us with are tools for everyday life, which we will also use in our professional careers,” she says. “So, no more endless formula sheets — we use Excel. Isn't that great?”

Internships in Lisbon and at Rolex in Geneva exposed Pache to diverse cultures and the intricacies of the luxury sector. Currently, she is engaged in a Student Business Project for a Geneva-based company. 

As Pache envisions her career post-graduation, she credits her education for making her more ambitious and providing the drive to fight for her goals. She is one of 28 selected to pursue an Executive Master’s in Marketing & Sales, a new professional challenge that aligns with her passion for sales. Ultimately, she aspires to become a Market Manager in a watch company.

“We will work as consultants for the company and help them develop a chosen strategy,” she says. “This experience will be valuable in applying the concepts and skills we learned at EHL – specifically in market research, marketing, and other management courses to real-life scenarios.”

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More than a business degree

Dive into a world of dynamic student-led committees and activities that will enrich your social life and shape your leadership skills.
Immerse yourself in a wellness haven with EHL's purpose-built campus, featuring a swimming pool, tennis courts, paddle facilities, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Here, academic excellence starts with mental and physical well-being.
Unleash your potential with personalised coaching at EHL's Career Centre. From honing your personal brand to managing your online reputation, it will equip you with the mentorship and skills required to navigate the professional landscape.
Put your best foot forward at EHL’s renowned Career Fairs, where over 120 global companies converge to scout talent.
Become a Student Ambassador and play a key role in shaping the school's narrative. From welcoming visitors and onboarding new students to collaborating with industry giants like Cartier — this is your chance to make a mark.
The pinnacle of your academic journey, the Student Business Project is all about collaborating, innovating and solving real-world challenges.

An enriching experience awaits at EHL Hospitality Business School

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