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Five-star online postgraduate courses


Five-star online postgraduate courses

This means that ECU is an excellent destination for anyone seeking to reach their potential, enhance their employment portfolio or enter a new career in health. In the School of Medical and Health Sciences, you can choose from a wide range of accredited postgraduate programmes that develop transferable and practical skills for diverse health-related roles in medical and health fields.

In addition to their impact and academic excellence, these programmes can be undertaken in a flexible online format; from wherever you are in the world! Most of the programmes are fully online (with a few exceptions such as those that require some in-person attendance at workshops and practical sessions where students will have the chance to visit the campus in Perth, Western Australia for a two-week period). This allows students to balance their work and family responsibilities without leaving their homes while they complete their studies alongside expert lecturers in their fields. All online and on-campus students receive dedicated support for everything from academic and assignment writing to personal well-being.

The university’s performance on the most credible and influential world university rankings gives us a snapshot of why.

ECU has been ranked in the world's top 100 universities under 50 years old in the Times Higher Education Young Universities Rankings 2022 and top 400 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023. For 16 straight years, the Good Universities Guide has rated its teaching quality five stars. This year, it rated ECU five stars for postgraduate overall experience, skills development, learning resources and student support, alongside its flagship “teaching quality” criteria. The 2021 CWTS Leiden Ranking for Research — which is produced by the prestigious Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University in the Netherlands — ranks ECU first in Australia in Biomedical and Health Sciences for the proportion of publications that belong in the top 1% most frequently cited.

ECU’s programmes harness the creativity and passion of students, helping them build the skills and knowledge to tackle some of the world’s key human health challenges.

The world needs more healthcare-based professionals with the know-how to meet the healthcare needs of the future. In Australia, there’s a university with a suite of programmes that respond to these needs: Edith Cowan University (ECU).

Having the latest theory, applied skills and technology, they can contribute to the improvement of health outcomes through early intervention, disease management, treatment and rehabilitation. They can respond in an emergency, understand how to support people, place and planet and keep workforces safe by understanding risk, exposure and modify environments accordingly.

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ECU graduates are set to meet the complex healthcare needs of the future. Their high quality education and training prepare them to make a difference in the health of people, place and planet.

From ageing populations and the impacts of the climate crisis to unhealthy lifestyles and emerging communicable disease, these challenges are complex and wide-ranging. But so are the knowledge and skillsets of ECU graduates.

Meeting global demand for healthcare professionals

Professor Amanda Devine leads the Public Health and Occupational Health & Safety disciplines which benefits from industry informed programmes, state-of-the-art equipment and the biggest Occupational Hygiene teaching laboratory in Australia. The team of lecturers are industry experts and leaders in their own right.

Public Health and Occupational Health & Safety courses

Master of Occupational Health and Safety

This two-year programme is fully online and students will graduate with professional recognition from both the Australian (OHS Education Accreditation Board “AOHSEAB”) and the International (IOSH) agency.

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Master of Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology

This programme is mostly online, except for nine days of on-campus practical workshops at the Joondalup Campus in Perth during the course of the degree. This gives students first-hand experience with equipment, exposure assessments, problem solving and teamwork. Accredited by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), the programme also includes practical experiences in the form of contemporary case studies.


Master of Public Health

Given public health is a wide and dynamic field, students can choose from a broad range of elective units to suit their interests. They get to work alongside public health experts in order to plan projects, devise strategies and evaluate results around current issues in public health. In turn, this helps to develop and showcase their professional portfolios for future employers.

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Associate Professor David Reid leads a team of experienced lecturers in paramedical science to provide online courses in emergency response. These courses focus on clinical issues related to daily clinical practice, as well as developing clinical decision-making and critical thinking skills. They can be studied online, part-time or full-time. This flexible delivery, with no requirement to travel for course delivery, is ideal for working clinicians.

Allied Health courses

Graduate Certificate of Critical Care Paramedicine

This programme focuses on clinical issues that are related to practice, providing an in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology, assessment and management of cardiac, medical and obstetric patients in the acute emergency setting.

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Graduate Diploma of Critical Care Paramedicine

Ideal for equipping paramedics with everything they need to pursue a career as a team leader or sole responder in critical care paramedicine, this programme combines advanced clinical knowledge, as well as applied research skills. It involves a minimum of 80 hours at a clinical placement that can be completed in the student’s own country.

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Master of Critical Care Paramedicine

Available entirely online, this programme takes things to the next level by training paramedics on the clinical issues directly related to practice. It develops a greater depth of understanding to enhance clinical decision-making and critical thinking.

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Graduate Certificate of Community Paramedicine

This programme is for those who want to enter a career in community paramedicine, namely in urgent care, non-urgent care and primary healthcare settings. It empowers students to improve their own clinical practice while also making an impact in the larger paramedicine community.

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Graduate Diploma of Community Paramedicine

This graduate diploma builds clinical decision-making skills and enhanced patient assessment in the urgent care environment. It prepares students for a wide range of community-related paramedicine jobs including extended care paramedic, community paramedic, advanced care practitioner, and paramedic practitioner.

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Master of Paramedic Practitioner

In this meticulous programme, students gain advanced-level clinical reasoning, assessment and knowledge to apply to their daily paramedical practice as they learn advanced skills in evidence-based practice and research. It involves a minimum of 100 hours of clinical placement that can be completed in the student’s own country.

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Professor Simon Laws leads the Medical and Exercise Science disciplines which translate the science of strength and conditioning into practical applications. The courses provide the latest online teaching technologies and a two-week workshop visit to the Perth campus. Recognised by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association as a Level-2 Accreditation Provider, these programmes examine cutting-edge sports science in relation to preparing elite athletes. The courses are recognised by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, aligns with the United Kingdom Association Accreditation Pathway, and has a two-week on-campus workshop requirement.

Medical and Exercise Science courses

Graduate Certificate of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)

This informative six-month experience is designed to help future personal trainers, sports coaches, and strength and conditioning coaches to develop a fundamental understanding about evidence-based practice and the scientific foundation of human performance.

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Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)

This programme runs for 1.5 years (three semesters) and is ideal for undergraduate students in a sport science or related area to pursue advanced study in strength and conditioning. Upon completion, they are eligible to receive the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 2 Accreditation.

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