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Unleash Your Potential
Through Real-World Experience

Unleash Your Potential
Through Real-World Experience

Innovative programmes that transcend traditional boundaries — that’s what Drexel University’s Bennett S. LeBow College of Business offers. With over 100 years of experience uniting academia and industry, the College brings together world-renowned faculty experts and industry leaders to create market-driven programmes that transform students into future business leaders.

Located in Philadelphia, Drexel’s LeBow College of Business (Drexel LeBow) provides a rigorous, experience-based business education, made possible by the College’s many industry partnerships, which gives students insider knowledge of the business world. “We recognise that innovation does not happen in isolation; rather, it is a response to refining solutions and aligning them with the requirements of our external partners,” explains Dean Vibhas Madan, who was recently named among Pennsylvania’s top higher education leaders.

This ensures that the latest advancements in business are actively integrated into the curriculum. “We firmly believe in instructional methods that incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives and leverage the expertise of professionals from various industries,” says Madan. “Through our partnerships with leading organisations, we continuously infuse our academic programmes with real-world insights.


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STEM-designated programmes

As a global R1 research university, Drexel LeBow’s programmes are regularly updated to reflect current business practices and needs. From infusing technology into every aspect of learning to allowing for the customisation of programmes according to one’s professional goals, Drexel LeBow gives students the tools and resources they need to get ahead of the complex challenges confronting business and society today.

Expert faculty ensure their cutting-edge research flows to the classroom, further enriching the learning experience. “We are strategically focusing on key areas where our faculty possess expertise, such as leadership, business analytics, international trade, corporate governance and more,” says Madan. “We encourage clustered, cross-departmental, and cross-college research initiatives, particularly in areas that have a profound societal impact.”

A STEM approach is another strategy that ensures students and their skill sets stand out. “Many of our programmes have been updated to infuse STEM, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills, which are vital in today's complex and rapidly evolving world,” says Madan.

A winning approach to business education

“For international students, STEM-designated degrees provide the additional advantage of the extended Optional Practical Training, allowing them to work in the US for an extended duration after completing their studies, gaining valuable professional experience and exposure to the American job market.”
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As one of the top institutions for an MBA in Philadelphia, Drexel LeBow offers an unparalleled approach to business administration and leadership. The MBA programme itself is as innovative as it is student-centred; following feedback from students, it was redesigned to include a focus on cutting-edge topics and relevant business trends.


The Accelerated Full-Time MBA can be completed in 12, 15 or 18 months, allowing students to tailor their experience according to their career and personal schedules. Real-world learning is at the forefront of the MBA experience, with students able to get hands-on experience with industry partners through consulting projects, international residencies, case competitions and more.


The MBA can be customised according to one’s personal goals and objectives, as well. Students can choose from several STEM-designated MBA degree concentrations including a business analytics concentration, giving those with F-1 visa status the flexibility to apply for a 24-month OPT extension on top of the standard 12-month period. Other options such as graduate minors, elective courses, experiential learning and dual degree programmes are available, too.

MBA programmes (with STEM-designated concentrations)

Completed over the course of 18 months, the full-time MS in Business Analytics (STEM-designated) was made for the forward-looking professional. It is designed to equip students with the most sought-after skills in today’s world, including statistics and programming, business acumen and storytelling abilities to drive business growth.

Students learn through exposure to real-world scenarios, including professional development opportunities, internships and a distinctive capstone project for renowned companies like Mastercard, Johnson & Johnson and Vanguard. At the same time, an interdisciplinary approach ensures that the curriculum is regularly updated to include of-the-moment topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data privacy and the Internet of Things (IoT).

A highly customisable curriculum allows students to build an experience specific to their interests, spanning diverse areas such as information systems, statistics or modelling.

MS in Business Analytics (STEM-designated)

This includes specific programming and services which are arranged from a student’s first day with Drexel LeBow. “The career drivers’ questionnaire really adjusted my mindset on what goals I wanted to actively pursue,” shares alumnus Walker Allen. “I became flexible about what type of industry I worked in. I focused on jobs that were fast-paced and dynamic, with day-to-day operational responsibilities, in contrast to the longer projects I was used to working on prior to getting my MBA.”

More than that, the Career Services team actively works to develop relationships with employers, industry professionals and alumni to identify internship and full-time job opportunities. “With experience and the development of relationships among the business community, LeBow has become — for many organisations — a talent pipeline,” says Kelley.

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Personalised career coaching and support

At Drexel LeBow, students are treated as innovators  — and are given every support necessary to help elevate them in their pursuits. The Graduate Career Services team is dedicated to realising career and academic goals through a combination of counselling, management tools, networking opportunities, alumni connections, and more.

“We approach advising through open and transparent communication between dedicated academic and career advisors,” says Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Services Niki Kelley. “Through advising sessions, events and workshops across a broad spectrum of career and professional development topics, our goal is to empower students to learn the skills needed to meet today’s demanding marketplace.”

A welcoming and diverse community

Take a walk around campus grounds and you’ll find a friendly, welcoming community made up of students from every corner of the globe. Initiatives like Building Relationships in Diverse Group Experiences (BRIDGE) only serve to strengthen relationships on campus. These efforts are being celebrated: the BRIDGE programme won the 2023 Inspiring Programmes in Business Award by Insight Into Diversity magazine for encouraging and assisting students from underrepresented groups to enter the business field.

As a world-leading institution for business, Drexel LeBow is always working to maintain a community that embraces thinkers and learners from all backgrounds. Part of this includes a specialised support network for international students.

From the moment of their acceptance, international students are encouraged to integrate into the campus environment through a series of online and face-to-face orientation and onboarding sessions. A welcome luncheon is hosted by the International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) during welcome week to connect with one another from day one.

For those applying for their visas, staff are always ready to guide.

“Our ISSS office is available via email or virtual appointment to answer questions or assist with concerns and challenges involving the visa process,” says Kelley. “They also work closely with our advisors to recommend the best possible solution and guidance.”
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An innovative education awaits at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business

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