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Empowering tomorrow’s architects and planners

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Accredited through national peer review, these opportunities are respected by both employers and students alike — Dalhousie has a Cooperative Education (co-op) placement rate in Architecture exceeding 95%. Meanwhile, Bachelor of Community Design Honours students are placed in internships. Facilitating their journeys is the Work-Integrated Learning & Co-operative Education office. It is a vital link between students and professional practice, from managing cooperative work placements to providing career guidance and resources.  

On campus, student-led initiatives like the SHIFT Planning Conference, thought-provoking events like the Housing Engagement Series, inspiring alumni networking opportunities, and frequent dialogue on pressing issues like climate change and urban development foster a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Read on to explore first-hand student accounts of how Dalhousie’s Faculty of Architecture and Planning is empowering tomorrow’s future ready leaders.

Why is experiential education so crucial in the fields of architecture and planning? Because the challenges we face cannot be solved in isolation. In a field where sustainability, community engagement and social equity have become paramount, architects and planners can’t survive on technical skills alone — they must possess empathy, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the human experience.

And that’s where Dalhousie University's Faculty of Architecture and Planning thrives. At one of Canada’s top 15 research-intensive universities, education transcends textbooks and immerses students in real-world experience. Comprising a School of Planning and a School of Architecture, the faculty offers domestic and international co-op opportunities, which see students in professional architecture programmes (BEDS/MArch) and the Master of Planning gain firsthand experience that shapes their careers and their understanding of the world around them. 

Opportunity-filled Halifax

From designing inclusive spaces to implementing innovative urban policies, the skills cultivated within Dalhousie’s Faculty of Architecture and Planning are in high demand within Canada and beyond. Studies report that between now and 2031, there will be 5,400 new job opportunities in this sector, and 5,700 new job seekers will be required to fill these vacancies in Canada. Globally, the architectural services market is estimated to reach US$585.57 billion by 2031

Halifax's position as a hub for education and research in planning and architecture makes it a great place for training. Here, students benefit from being part of a dynamic environment where they engage with cutting-edge research, collaborate with industry professionals, and contribute to shaping the built environment of tomorrow.

An enriching education awaits at Dalhousie University.

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