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Where Computing, Mathematics and Data Science students achieve their best

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The school extensively uses industry standard software and technology like SSAP, GitHub, Cisco, Xamarin, and PyCharm to help students familiarise with what’s being used in modern businesses today.

“We have a range of state-of-the-art physical resources for students to use — the holodeck which is a VR studio, our dedicated cyber security range, specialist high performance computer labs and open access PCs,” Mitchell says. “We provide a range of IT facilities to support all our students, whatever subject they’re studying with us,” Mitchell says.

Great teachers, innovative resources, and plenty of support — that’s how Coventry University’s School of Computing, Mathematics and Data Science empowers students to make a difference in the world.

It’s a combination that works.

Here, a wide range of staff lead lessons on the computational disciplines that drive our modern world through real-world examples and an optional year in industry.

“In the school we use a wide range of teaching styles and resources, each tailored to help students learn. Our innovative Virtual Learning Environment, Aula, is designed to encourage social engagement and support peer-to-peer learning,” says Dr. Faye Mitchell, Head of School.

“Inspera, our online assessment platform, allows us to produce authentic assessment that more closely models the tasks you do in the industry than is possible with traditional exam-based assessments.”

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Like its curricula and facilities, support services here support students in planning and preparing for their careers.

“Our award-winning Mathematics Support Centre, SIGMA, can help you develop your skills in mathematics or statistics, and our Digital Literacy Centre can help you with anything from fundamental digital literacy skills like how to get the best out of Word, to advanced programming tasks,’ Mitchell says.

A wide range of support

“Lastly, when it comes to your dissertation, our Centre for Academic Writing is here to help you express your work clearly and concisely.”

A diverse campus and a top five student city add more layers of support and wellbeing.

On campus, students can choose from over 100 student societies. Whether it’s performance, campaigning, networking, culture, language, hobbies, or more, each presents a great way to make new friends.

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To get hearts pumping, the Students’ Union has 40 sports clubs, from eSports to equestrian, hockey to basketbal. These take place at the university’s Sports Centre, Westwood Heath Sports facilities with floodlit AstroTurf and grass pitches for football, hockey, rugby and cricket.

Step beyond campus and students are in the vibrant city of Coventry, home to more than 50,000 students — and even more activities that city living offers. From sports to shopping and sightseeing, many high street favourite, restaurants, cultural spots, stadiums, and independent retailers are just a short walk away. And an estimated 75% of England is within a two-hour drive or a short train ride from this central Midlands city too.

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Joining this programme is one of the best decisions I have ever made and doing it at one of the best reputable universities in the UK has made it a memorable and unforgettable experience. The programme has provided me with the required problem solving and IT skills to effectively apply knowledge in the real world. The learning environment is world-class, with classrooms and computer labs equipped with the latest technologies and software to work through for various projects. I am truly grateful for this experience and would recommend it for any student.

Chidiebere Okeke

MSc in Computer Science Testimonial

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Some of the most exciting modules in the MIST course include IS/IT strategy, Global Business Management, Project Management, Big Data and Business Process Reengineering. These modules allowed me to gain a holistic understanding of business operations, strategic positioning, financial models, applications of data or AI in business and project management techniques. I enjoyed how each lecturer used a real-world approach to educate the students in every module. This allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of real-world problems and how different organisations tackled those problems.

Idriss Abass

MSc in Management of Information Systems and Technology

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This programme is not traditionally textbook-taught but encouraged students to do research about new topics and then come up with solutions to a problem. One of the most useful skills I picked was how to do proper research and give credit (through referencing) to others for their work. I particularly enjoyed the Big Data and Data Visualisation module. It was interesting to see the challenges of processing large and complex datasets. I appreciated the support provided, whether study-related or work-related or even emotional support during the course from the university.

Sahil Mathur

MSc in Data Science

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I've enjoyed this programme so far. The MSc has helped me gain a better understanding of the capabilities I can unlock. My lecturers are also very hands-on with students. When someone does not understand, they will help make sure they understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying in Coventry, and I am extremely grateful to be able to have this opportunity to study here with fantastic lecturers and support staff.

Jamie Gunner
MSc in Cyber Security

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