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Where boys become the best they can be

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, Christ School is an Episcopal boarding school founded in 1900 with a full college preparatory curriculum. It’s home to 290 boys in Grades 8 to 12. They come from 18 states and eight countries, each bringing their unique narratives and strengths.

At Christ School, they grow academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Through a four-pillar approach that values academic rigour, leadership, spirituality, and the dignity of manual labour, Christ School nurtures your child to become a better student, friend, son, brother, and overall a better human being. 

Here, nothing is spared to provide the best learning experience, on and beyond campus. Class sizes are small — about 12 boys per class — to ensure each student receives a personalised learning experience. A 500-acre campus and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains make the ideal setting for its nationally recognised Outdoor Programme. Travel opportunities abound too — with visits to countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, New York City and many more.

AP courses


Honours courses


of seniors took at least one AP exam


Beyond this, travel opportunities let students take part in service-learning projects and cultural experiences. These are powerful experiences that not only shape their view of the world but also instil in them the importance of caring for people and the planet.

Christ School students achieve many kinds of success. The school's focus on academic growth involves a blend of a positive learning environment, small class sizes, and individualised attention. These provide structure and encourage study as part of campus life. Pair that with teachers who are experts in teaching boys, and your child is set to become a well-rounded adult with interpersonal skills such as drive, ambition and self-confidence — all of which are key to excelling in today's job market and rapidly changing world.

AP and Honours courses provide challenge. Students sharpen their critical thinking, as well as their skills in research, analysis, and skilled writing. In this year's AP School Honor Roll, Christ School earned the Platinum status, the highest possible distinction. Earning college credit and increasing college readiness is only one facet of learning at Christ School.

Holistic education 

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Meet the Christ School students pursuing personal excellence

“The profound impact that Christ School has had on me is one that I never would have imagined. There are three ways that we students can live up to what I call ‘Greeniehood.’ Firstly, when you want to quit, don’t. Secondly, ask for help when you need it. Thirdly, if you want to make a change, take initiative.”

Hardy Johnson ’24

“Here are three things I’ve learned while at Christ School. First, popularity doesn’t matter — don’t care what people think about you. Second, anger, frustration, and pain can be good. Use anger and frustration as motivation to keep pushing through. Third, you’re never done learning. There are a lot of smart people at Christ School, so you’ll likely never be the smartest in the room. Learn from all of these incredible minds. Stay teachable. Stay motivated.”

Leighton Blount ‘24

“I like Christ School. This small community gives me the feeling of being home. It feels good to go study abroad where it is a new language, a new environment, and a new culture. These are all new challenges for a 15-year-old Chinese kid when he first gets here, but Christ School helps me with these difficulties that international students must face.

I have experienced many new things that I had never experienced in China. I learned mountain biking, kayaking, and golf. The location of Christ School is perfect for doing these sports and they have enriched my life.”

Kaiwen "Kevin" Xue '26

Christ School is not just a school with a robust academic programme. Here, how students spend their leisure time is just as important. As such, the school’s co-curricular programme is exemplary — it runs parallel to the curriculum, allowing students to make new friends, learn skills and take on a new hobby. They master essential interpersonal and emotional skills, which include patience, persistence, leadership and emotional regulation, among others. These skills stay with them for life.

Nurturing young minds outside the classroom

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Plus, a day — known as the Enrichment Day — is set aside every fall semester for the boys to take part in stimulating activities and trips planned by the faculty. Whether it is performing at an Applied Recital or taking part in the athletic programme that features 19 teams in 11 sports, these programmes contribute to increased academic performance, look great on college applications, and support overall well-being.

Strategically located minutes from whitewater rivers, formidable mountains, and miles of trails, including the Appalachian Trail, the pristine outdoors serves as a classroom and training ground for the varied activities of the school's Outdoor Programme

Take kayaking, for example. It has quickly developed into one of the best high school programmes in the country. Beginners build up their skills slowly on the campus lake and work their way onto class two and three rivers in the area. Experienced kayakers get to push their skills to another level. After reviewing basic technique and safety skills, students travel to some of the best whitewater rivers in the southeast, in three different states.

A campus that promotes learning

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Most recently, Walker Edens '25 and Grey Edens '25 gave it their all Saturday in the kayaking hotspot of Columbus, Georgia. Walker qualified for the K1 junior men's national team by placing third at the USA Freestyle Canoe/Kayak World Championships Team Trials. Grey will be the US team's first alternate by virtue of his fourth-place showing.

Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies, Dry suit, Sports equipment, Water, Lifejacket, Helmet

An enriching education awaits at Christ School