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Celebrating women’s achievements in STEM
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Celebrating women’s achievements in STEM

At Chalmers, women researchers are not just intelligent thinkers — they lead and create real change. Along the way, they are supported by initiatives such as Genie, which invested 300 million Swedish Kronas over 10 years to create a more gender-balanced community. This is a result of Chalmers’s strong emphasis on equality in every aspect of university life. Here, the university’s fundamental values -- quality, openness, inclusion, respect, diversity –underpin everything they do.

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Women are the minds behind some of the most innovative advances to take place in this generation. From Katherine Johnson — who calculated the Apollo 11 mission trajectories to the moon to Katalin Karikó — the BioNTech researcher behind one of the first COVID-19 vaccines — women have been making significant impact, developing new technologies and solutions to tackle the greatest challenges facing our world today.

Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden has its fair share of accomplishments by women in STEM fields too (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). As one of the top private universities, Chalmers is committed to delivering an education that contributes to the development of a more secure and sustainable future. Research plays a central role, bringing together students and faculty in a quest to create a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone has an equal shot of excelling.


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Empowering women researchers to thrive

It’s proven that research becomes more comprehensive and inclusive when women contribute. Doing this not only elevates the career prospects and credibility of women in STEM, but also enables significant contributions to previously underrepresented areas, such as public health.

Chalmers continues to uphold the importance of more gender-inclusive research and is committed to creating an environment that encourages this. As such, women are given every opportunity to reach success at Chalmers — and transcend the barriers previously holding them back.

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