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Where boys discover the best of themselves

Situated in San Diego, California against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, Army and Navy Academy is a college preparatory, private, leadership oriented boarding school. Boys in grades 7-12 travel from different corners of the world to attend this esteemed institution which recently earned a ranking among the top 5 boarding schools in California — a testament to its capabilities to raise boys who strive for excellence in every way possible.

Here, boys learn and live in an environment that pushes them to discover their true potential. Academics are held to the highest standard, with a curriculum modelled from the University of California standards for admission. More than that, the Academy uses scientifically-proven and evidence-based approaches to single-gender learning, making for an education specifically geared towards encouraging boys to reach their full potential.

After classes, students at the Academy are encouraged to pursue a range of athletic activities that challenge them to keep both body and mind healthy and active at all times. Along with a range of dynamic clubs, activities, and trips, life is never dull on the grounds of the Academy’s 16-acre oceanfront campus.

Boys who graduate are capable, confident, and career-ready men. Graduates have gone off to attend many prestigious colleges and universities both in the US and abroad to include UC Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, Stanford, Purdue, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, New York University (NYU), University of Southern California, University of Chicago, Parsons School of Design in New York City and many other fine institutions abroad, e.g. Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland.

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This has resulted in an academic programme that combines college-preparatory requirements with learning activities to keep every boy mentally fit. The Academy’s curriculum is based on the University of California’s entrance requirements, giving boys the exact education they need to succeed at the college and university level, including Advanced Placement (AP) and honours courses. Core classes are STEM-focused, with the choice for electives such as computer science, aviation, and the visual and performing arts.

At the Academy, tradition meets innovation in the form of creative activities to keep every boy engaged in their learning. It’s common to see stand-up desks, hands-on exercises, interactive technology, and more taking place in classrooms, making for a dynamic learning environment that keeps evolving by the day.

International students get all the support they need here. The Academy remains one of few western boarding schools offering English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, giving every student an equal chance to reach their full academic potential without being disadvantaged by common learning barriers.

The Academy doesn’t just aim to teach — it strives to equip young boys with the tools they need to grow into motivated, passionate, and engaged adults. Since its establishment in 1910, the Academy has worked every step of the way to study the research, science, and best practices behind how boys learn differently. Teachers are regularly trained on instructional techniques tailored to how boys work, learn, and become motivated.

An environment designed for success

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Leadership training with a difference

Outside of academia, boys at Army and Navy Academy are raised to become responsible young men who are self-aware and compassionate. This is achieved through the nationally-recognised Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programme. The Academy is considered an Honour Unit with Distinction which is accredited and integrated into a student’s list of credit courses.

The programme’s main mission is to produce young men who are motivated to become better citizens. Here, boys learn to lead through practical application. They test their leadership skills by helming the Corps of Cadets and by participating in a variety of activities that are geared towards improving their mental, social, spiritual, and physical fitness. At the same time, they improve on a range of in-demand skills, from critical and creative thinking and effective communication to time management and organisation.

It’s a programme that delivers. The vast majority of graduates go on to attend public and private universities, but some are driven by the desire to live a life of service. These graduates often continue their military interest, attending some of the top military service academies or ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) universities such as West-Point or Annapolis. Either way, they leave with a strong sense of responsibility and a deep bond of brotherhood that stands the test of time.

Boys at Army and Navy Academy live in a boarding environment that inspires and cultivates self-growth. With the beach right at their doorstep, boys at the Academy often wind down after classes by dipping their toes in the ocean, making for a unique and relaxing boarding experience.

That’s not to distract from everything else the 16-acre campus has to offer. From the ocean view recreation hall to grounds that support a variety of JV and Varsity sports as well as physical training, these facilities ensure boys at the Academy are never short of fun and exciting things to do. In the evening, they gather to enjoy a chef-inspired dinner, take part in mandatory study time, and forge lasting friendships in their boarding houses.

Weekends are just as exciting. Boys have the ability to visit local theme park attractions such as Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Knott’s Berry Farm. They can visit the nearby Carlsbad Village too where they can shop, catch the latest movie, or dine at some of the exquisite restaurants nearby.

At Army and Navy Academy, every day is an adventure waiting to happen.

A tranquil yet invigorating boarding environment

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A great study experience awaits at Army and Navy Academy.

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